Brazilian company to partner with Zambia in aquaculture

 Brazilian company to partner with Zambia in aquaculture

A Brazilian Company has expressed interest to partner with Zambia in boosting the aquaculture industry in the country.

Easy Development Investment Company, that works with African countries in managing fish farming on a larger scale has chosen Zambia as one of the investment destinations looking at the Zambian Government’s efforts in promoting the aquaculture industry.

Speaking during an Investment Promotion meeting at the Zambian Embassy in Brasilia, Easy Development Investment Company intends to set up a fish farming education centre in Zambia where young people can be trained in fish farming using expertise from Brazil’s specialists in fish farming projects.

The Brazilian Company has disclosed that it has secured funds to invest in setting up an aquaculture business in Zambia.

Delegation Leader Joseph Araujo told Zambia’s Ambassador to Brazil, Alfreda Mwamba that his company has the technical know-how on fish harvesting, which can potentially  increase the production capacity and enhance revenue collection.

Dr  Mwamba has welcomed the business initiative as it would contribute to a viable aquaculture sector and promote economic diversification, food security and employment creation.

Ms Mwamba said investment in the fishing industry will supplement Government’s efforts in improving livelihoods of women and youths in rural communities as well as transforming Zambia into the largest exporter of fish in the region.

She assured the investors that Zambia has a conducive business environment and stands ready to partner with companies that have plans aimed at accelerating development of the country.

The Brazilian Company further expressed interest to invest in Internet connectivity, Tourism, Transport and Agribusiness Technology.

Easy Development Investment Company has pledged to offer Zambia humanitarian aid of US$800 000 to supplement the Zambian Government’s efforts on poverty reduction.

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