Brave Rangers supporters salutes Rangers

 Brave Rangers supporters salutes Rangers

Brave Nchanga Rangers supporters yesterday celebrated a 4-0 victory against Police College, a game which they played at Nchanga Rangers Stadium in Chingola.

Speaking in a post match interview, one of the supporter Warren Mulenga said that they still have confidence the team will come back to premier next year.

Mulenga said that Rangers is a big team and it needs to go back to premier where other big teams are playing.

“Nchanga Rangers is our team and we will do everything possible within our powers to support the team and ensures that it goes back to where it belongs,” he said.

Another supporter Emmanuel Phiri said that he is happy that the team heading to get back to top four of the National Division One table.

He said he contributes to supporters monthly contribution so as to provide maximum support and help in certain needs that the team lacks.

Phiri said that they will never stop supporting the team no matter the situation because it’s a Community team and he will be the happiest person to see the team gets back to where it belongs.

And another committee member Greenwell Samangwe urged all supporters and the community at large to continue supporting the team in spirit because of the Worldwide pandemic ‘Covid-19’ which is not allowing soccer fans to get to the Stadium.

“ We love the team and it’s unfortunately we are playing National League but looking at the performance we shall surely get there,” he said.

Coach Mwanza also encouraged players and the fans to continue with the same spirit if the team has to move forward.

Nchanga Rangers is occuping position 6 at the National Division One table with 44 points after beating Police College at home ground.

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