Bowman Lusambo’s bragging worthy quick action by UPND government

 Bowman Lusambo’s bragging worthy quick action by UPND government

Dear Editor,

I write to appeal to His Excellence President Hakainde Hichilema and indeed the UPND government now in power to quickly address the issues that made Kabushi Lawmaker Bowman Lusambo brag about PF still pulling the shots even in opposition.

Much as I don’t want to believe everything he alluded to, the reality of the matter is that most of all the illegal operations committed by the previous government were done with the involvement of top civil servants while the politicians were just the supervisors and funders.

So many cases for example, relating to gassing, Mukula smuggling, forest 27, Kasenseli gold mining, etc. are fresh issues that many citizens complained about bitterly then but to no resolve apart from suppression of loud voices over the same issues.

Today, most of those who for example were arrested foe gassing and/or ritual killings, went to court on different counts than the mentioned to just blind-wink Zambians and later acquit them for lack of evidence. The point was to hide the real culprits. Round the same released persons and get to the bottom of these crimes so that the real culprits are brought to book.

It is therefore imperative for the UPND government to move in faster than lightening to clean up the civil service that we are now boldly and sarcastically portrayed by Bowman that PF is still using them to control a lot of their elicit dealings. Illicit because PF is not the party in government and their interaction with the civil servants in top offices therefore can surely not be for the benefit of the UPND governance system and the general populous.

It is therefore my earnest call to President Hakainde Hichilema to not take Bowman Lusambo’s assertions as mare rhetoric or jokes because the amount of wealthy of most former Ministers, MPs and even Councillors that are questionable.

If these guys were openly without shame and fear could even tell their foot soldiers then that and I quote, “If we lose, they will arrest all of us”, it is just a noble thing to attach urgency to clean up the rot.

Wisdom Muyunda