Borrow capacity, credibility to enhance your business-Chibamba Kanyama

 Borrow capacity, credibility to enhance your business-Chibamba Kanyama

The renowned motivational speaker Chibamba Kanyama has urged entrepreneurs to borrow capacity and integrity in order to enhance their businesses.

Mr Kanyama said in some special cases, entrepreneurs to win better tenders they need to negotiate with business gurus borrow them the name so that they win the tender.

He was speaking during the Bread of Life corporate dinner themed: ‘Dominion of the Market Place’ at Chingola’s Borrowdale hotel recently.

Mr Kanyama who is Founding Partner for Bridges Investment Limited said that its proper in business to use hot business name to win bigger tenders under strict guidelines of the owner of the brand name.

“Once people and companies begin to trust you then you can go using your name that is after borrowing capacity. The other area is credibility and integrity. You can borrow credibility of you have had failed attempt to win a tender because of your unappreciated credibility and integrity.

“You go under a credible firm and begin to work as part of the employees of the same firm under negotiated terms of tender. You can be getting 80 per cent of the tender and give the name you are using a 20 per cent. After you have achieved your go, you go and continue with what you do best,” he said.

He said in modern business entrepreneurs should stop being selfish and think of borrowing credibility, integrity, capacity and accountability.

Mr Kanyama the former ‎Advisor Communications at the ‎International Monetary Fund said he went IMF to enhance his resume because the mentioning of IMF improves his credibility.

“So I went to IMF and I borrowed the credibility and capacity most of the firms in Africa would require Bridges Investment to have,” he said amid a smile of feeling successful.

He implored entrepreneurs to hire the best at a negotiated arrangement who can help grow the money while the same money is shared.

“Place right people in critical areas of operations who share the vision of the company with the directors so that the can operate smoothly even in the absence of the directors,” he said.

And the host clergy Chris Maboshe said that Bread of Life had strategically put itself as a partner in development.

Pastor Maboshe said Dominion in the market place can’t be achieved without knowledge no wonder the corporate dinner to empower the members with capacity.

“Together we have a purpose of building a city we dream of living in,” he said.

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