Booing of former President Lungu condemned

 Booing of former President Lungu condemned

Opposition PF Chililabombwe Constituency Chairlady Jane Mutwale has condemned the booing of former President Edgar Lungu during the transition of power at the inauguration ceremony of President Hakainde Hichilema.

Ms Mutwale said that the booing was unnecessary and uncalled for because the act was not worthy to the foreign dignitaries that were in attendance.

Ms Mutwale said that the act was humiliating and has called on the UPND to tame their youths and have them apologize for in the Zambian culture elders are respected.

“The incident should be condemned by the UPND’s youth wing, Zambians should know that Former president Lungu did his part by bringing various developmental activities in the country, and therefore he did not deserve that,  we should not depart from our roots of respecting our elders no matter the circumstance” she said.

Mr Mutwale who is also former Kafue ward councilor said it was an insult  for the youths that were packed in the heroes’ stadium to boo the former head of state.

She said that all well-meaning Zambians should rise up and condemn the act to prevent future similar calamities.

On August, 24, 2021, former President Edgar Lungu was booed upon arrival at the heroes’ stadium by youths that gathered to witness the inauguration ceremony of President Hichilema; the act has been wildly condemned by various stakeholders.