Bishop Kazhila happy with Chingola DC, no friction

 Bishop Kazhila happy with Chingola DC, no friction

Life Gospel Ministries International General Overseer Joseph Kazhaila refutes media reports of friction with government on the Day of prayers.

Bishop Kazhila said Chingola District Commissioner Agnes Tonga went to his church to deliver the message on behalf of the President.

He wrote on his Facebook Page;


At no time did the DC for Chingola and team storm our Church today, neither did she order me to preach government message on power point because there was no need for her to do that.

When the team came I hadn’t started preaching yet so there was nothing they disturbed of us and none of our members nor me were startled at their visit as alleged.

When the DC and team came they waited outside, communicated to our leaders reason for their visit that she had a message to deliver.

We thus welcomed them in.

We gave our DC time to deliver her message from the president (which was an encouraging one) and after she finished I never took them to my office as alleged but simply thanked them and escorted them to their cars because they were busy rushing to another Church.

When I returned to start preaching I never used any vulgar language nor attacked anyone nor called anyone a sinner. Who am I to do that when I too was only saved by His grace?

Everything we do there is recorded on my Facebook page and on our recorders and on radio.

Lies indeed have short legs, and deceptive journalism is health to promoting the much needed peace and unity in the country.

I can only say Satan and his agents shall never overcome the kingdom of God nor shall they repent to God.

So brothers and sisters please ignore whatever is written on some social media platforms because it never happened as there was no reason for our visitors nor us to do or say any of those things written.

God bless us all and God bless Zambia. Shalom.





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