Bishop Bwalya encourages peace

 Bishop Bwalya encourages peace

Movement for Voter Sensitization (MVS) Copperbelt secretary Ellison Bwalya has encouraged all well mean Zambians to turnout in numbers on August 12, 2021 to avoid voter apathy.

Bishop Bwalya tells the independent observer that considering what happened in the past few days, were two families were hacked by unknown criminals there might affect  voter turnout if the matter is settled and resolved.

Bishop Bwalya has since appealed to the relevant authorities in the district to ensure that political parties obtain police permits before they begin door to door campaigns.

“Residents would not want anyone coming to their houses for door to door campaigns as they are living in fear of allowing hackers in their households, door to door campaigns can only work if residents in Chingola are given assurance,” he said.

Bishop Bwalya said that as the August poll nears, there is need for to maintain peace in all angles of the country.

“Peace should be maintained such that rumors of political violence that have been reported is some parts of the country should be shut down, as MVs we do not want voter apathy, and political violence is tool that can discourage people from turning out in numbers to vote for their preferred candidates, lets defer in ideologies and not in personal relationships with one another because of politics” he said.

Bishop Bwalya added that the greatest enemy that is in the country now is the coronavirus, as it has stopped rallies among other things.

“I wish to appeal to all political parties to adhere to the guidelines that have been set by the health ministry, so that the Covid-19 does not  affect other important dates on the national calendar,” he said.