Bill 10 goes to Parliament tomorrow

 Bill 10 goes to Parliament tomorrow

Dear Editor,

I write to urge our parliamentarians to use this opportunity to advance people’s aspirations and not political parties’ aspirations as Bill 10 is brought before parliament by Justice Minister Given Lubinda tomorrow.

There has been misgivings by a large sector of society over this Bill 10 if it was to be adopted in its current form.

Worse actually is the fact that most politicians on the right have just been picking clauses that are seen positive in the eyes of the people when debating this Bill, leaving the negative clauses that a lot of people have said no to.

And people are asking as to why this has been so? Why were some MPs and Ministers just talking of Bill 10 and not all the clauses that are in Bill 10 to make us have an informed view because right now, many don’t know what this animal called Bill 10 is?

There are clauses like not allowing anyone to petition any presidential candidate after filling in nominations, mayors to be voted from among the Councillors thereby reducing their authority, among others which none of those from the right have convincingly told us as to what the motivation behind is.

There is also the issue of contracting debt where the proposal is for cabinet to contract debt without parliament approval, which is in bad standing with a lot of stakeholders.

It is however good that parliamentarians who mean well for the people and this nation will have the chance to debate on the negative clauses that are in Bill 10 on behalf of the people and all eyes will be on you, so do this nation justice.

As a people, we have no more room to counter the bad clauses in this Bill hence my appeal is on the house to use this privilege to advance people’s aspirations and not political parties.

Wisdom Muyunda


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