Better Health care need consented effort-Rotary

 Better Health care need consented effort-Rotary

Chingola Rotary Club Metro President Raphael Kauseni says that the Rotary Club in the district hopes to continue working with the District health board in supplementing Government’s efforts to offer better healthcare service to the residents.

Speaking at the close of event of the Rotary Family Health Days Annual Project at Chilemba market, Mr Kauseni said that the three day event attracted a number of residents in Kapisha that were provided with healthcare services.

Among the services provided was diabetes, Hypertension and High blood pressure screening, malaria testing, and under five services.

Mr Kauseni also said that during the three days, the health workers attended to a minimum of 600 people, which indicated that most residents in the area are in need of better health care services.

“We need such kind of activities from time to time, the turn out by the residents to access theses services, because the numbers that showed up is very overwhelming,” he said.

Speaking at the same event, Kapisha mini clinic nurse in charge Evelyn Simbeye appealed to the club for the program to be held quarterly in a year.

Ms Simbeye said this is because government clinics are in short of some medicines that were given to those found unwell.

She said from the turnout, one can tell that the residents are eager to access the services as it was also cost friendly for patients with diabetes and hypertension that accessed the services at Nchanga General Hospital.

Chingola District Health Director Davies Mwewa thanked the Rotarians for the initiative for taking health services to the people of Kapisha.

Dr Mwewa said that the partnership with Rotarians is welcome as they provided sensitization to the residents on the need to live healthy.

He said that health matters affect everyone, that why the health week that Rotarians had, the district health decided to include the administering Polio to the under-fives.

And one of the beneficiaries of the services Prudence Kaluba said the services should continue as most residents find it hard to visit health centers for medical check-ups