Before Dawn film to cost K500,000

 Before Dawn film to cost K500,000

The pioneers of Zambia movie industry Yezi Arts are back and are eyeing for another movie based on a Novel ‘Before Dawn,’ by Andrea Sylvester Masiye.

Yezy Arts are the Producers of the documentaries, Battle for Kavalamanja and Kavalamanja Remembered plus feature films ‘The Presidents Job Description’ and also ‘The Gods of the Eclipse.’

Now Yezi Arts Production are now looking for noble minded citizens, corporate entities and business executives to produce the ‘Before Dawn’ film.

The proposed feature-length film entitled ‘Before Dawn’ is an adaptation, based on a Zambian novel written by the late Mr Masiye.

The film is earmarked to go by the book title.

The book was published in 1970, and it is an authentic depiction of a true Zambian story set in a village Head Banda during the Second World War

Before Dawn’ is a coming of age traditional story of Village Head Kavumba (the protagonist) whose turbulent life is characterised by strange events that rock and change the course of his life and that of the village.

Kuvumba was despised at birth because of his sex, and subsequently named Kavumba (translated “The Whirl-wind”).

The feature-film script provides an audio-visual orientation to this locally-authored novel, which has also found itself as a teaching and learning material in some universities in Zambia and East Africa.

The story documents the life and customs of the Chewa people before Zambia attained its independence.

The book – and subsequent film – has themes of love, courage, treachery and heart break.

It is a rich strong story of personal triumph, highlighting the wealth of Zambia’s traditional customs.

Through the depiction of life of some of its characters, the film deals with matters that are relevant to contemporary living, and may just turn out as a good way of promoting some of the dying norms and values of society that are necessary in bringing social cohesion.

How can you help in getting this movie out and speak to the unique experiences of the Chewa?

We are planning to shoot on location, and use some of the more authentic regions of the Chewa so that we get the authentic Chewa speakers.

Some of the primed locations are Chadiza, Katete and Chipata may not be a bad idea, to add more/Abdon Yezi/Yezi Arts Production.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.

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