Be content with your glory and stay at home

 Be content with your glory and stay at home

By Rev Clifford Chisha
Bad timing and not being content with our achievements has cost most of us leaders.

Aiming high and pressing on to achieve more is not a bad thing but timing is cardinal.

We have witnessed the downfall (both temporary and permanent) of great leaders resulting from not being content with their achievements and bad timing.

There’s always a temptation of wanting to skip some steps of the ladder to get higher fast.

In the process we lose balance and fall.

My fellow leader, let us climb the ladder with great timing.

King Amaziah struck down the people who struck down the king his father.

He went further to kill ten thousand Edomites in the Valley of Salt.

Amaziah, King of Judah got too excited after defeating Edom.

He got the glory and wanted more glory.

This most likely caused him to overlook important things before going to another war.

King Amaziah resorted to provoking the King of Israel.

He sent messengers to King Jehoash asking him to go to him and look one another in the face.

In response, the King of Israel said, “You have indeed struck down Edom and your heart has lifted you up. Be content with your glory and stay at home for why should you provoke trouble so that you fall, you and Judah with you?” 2 Kings 14:10.

Though the response of King Jehoash sounds like words of defence they contain good counsel- be content with your glory and stay at home.

King Amaziah had defeated Edom and became overconfident.

Instead of enjoying the glory which came out of his victory over Edom and give himself ample time to re-strategize, King Amaziah decided to go to war against Israel.

Jehoash King of Israel captured king Amaziah and broke down some parts of the wall of Jerusalem.

If Amaziah had been content with his glory and had stayed home, both he and the people of Judah would not have experienced defeat.

Learn to be content, for some time, with your achievements and stay in your lane.

Rushing into achieving more and more without good timing is sincerely inviting failure or defeat.

Be content with your glory and stay at home (stay away from trouble).

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