Barrick Lumwana officially hand overs Shikezhi dam to Govt.

 Barrick Lumwana officially hand overs Shikezhi dam to Govt.

Minister of water development and sanitation Mike Mposha says his ministry has decided to take a holistic approach to offer an amnesty to the illegal water users so that they can normalise their illegalities within a period of ninety (90) days starting today.

Mr Mposha said that government will continue providing an enabling policy environment that spurs investments for the benefit of the vulnerable in our society.

And Mr Mposha acknowledged the effort made by Barrick Lumwana mining company for constructing and handing over the Shikezhi dam to the government of the republic of Zambia.

The Shikezhi dam being commissioned will address the water security challenges and he his expectant that the dam will be utilized for the intended purpose.

This will also consolidate your support and go a long way in meeting our collective goal of improving people’s livelihood in the served communities.

Mr Mposha said the facility is a huge investment that government will safeguard and adequately utilize for the benefit of the community in Kalumbila district.

“I, however, wish to make another appeal to the mine that going forward, you could consider providing further support in terms of a water treatment plant and other accessories, to the community, please, may I re-iterate that we jealously guard this facility, it’s your dam”, he said.