Bangwe Naviley rewards hardworking Kabansa Teacher

 Bangwe Naviley rewards hardworking Kabansa Teacher

Indian based Lala Kalindula musician Bangwe Naviley Chisenga has offered to immediately help build a staff house for a resilient head teacher at Kalunga Primary School in Kabansa area, Serenje, District.

Serenje Radio reports that Head teacher, Joe Kalunga, has been spending nights in a structure meant for a hummermill but has been consistent in providing quality education to his pupils.

Mr Bangwe who has released funds for over 25 pockets of cement and over 20 iron sheets has thanked President Edgar Lungu and his entire leadership for deploying him in foreign service.

He said that he has chosen to help others improve the quality lives in a small way.

“Government is already building multi million kwacha projects in Serenje such as Mailo and Kanona Secondary Schools but that minor projects such as staff houses which can be complemented by well wishers,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kalunga has already mobilized bricks working with the community but had no funds for cement and iron sheets.

Kabansa area in Serenje is among Zambia’s remotest areas without water supply and some of the most unreliable river crossing points.

In the photos:
Children drawing water while others are crossing a river from school in the evening.

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