Bana Joy faces arrest

 Bana Joy faces arrest

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga says the girl brutalized by women led by a woman only identified as Bana Joy should report to the nearest police station.

Speaking in an interview, Ms Katanga said the victim that appear in the video which has gone viral being beaten by Bana Joy should immediately report to police.

She said police would not allow such inhuman behaviour from women attacking a fellow woman.

Ms Katanga said in the absence of the complainant, police will institute its own investigation into the footage and take appropriate action.

Bana Joy and others brutalized one lady on allegations that she was going out with her husband a Mr Chewe (Bashi Chewe).

Recently, the Ndola High Court sentenced two women to 18 years imprisonment for brutalizing another woman and nd inserting a bottle of castle in her private parts on allegations that she was going out with her husband of the two.

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