Authority without ability is dangerous: the case of PF MPs and Ministers


Most Members of Parliament have made PF party to lose grip in their constituencies and this is backfiring and putting President Lungu in the firing range.

These MPs, others are ministers have just the AUTHORITY, but seem to be lacking the ABILITY, to address the URGENT needs of the youth and women in the constituencies.

They is too much blame game instead of FOCUSING on finding solutions, which are just within our reach, eg ministers blaming students, some blaming the opposition for what is happening in the mines.

The question is who is in authority? Who is in power is it the students or the opposition??

Whenever there’s a CRISIS, people want to know, “WHO’S IN CHARGE?” They want to find out who has the AUTHORITY and ABILITY to SOLVE the problems, bring STABILITY, and maintain a PEACEFUL and PROSPEROUS life.

President Lungu and the PF party needs more THINKERS than noise makers for us to win in 2021, as things stand now we stand no chance!!

By Edward Mwaba Ndalama @17 years PF grassroots mobilizer