Antonio Mwanza shouldn’t cry foul

 Antonio Mwanza shouldn’t cry foul
Dear Editor
I write with shock how some politicians can easily swallow what they portrayed to be good then to cry foul against their own system without shame. The case of Antonio Morhino Mwanza summoning by DEC on Tuesday, 21st September, 2021.
Not too long ago when other opposition political parties were complaining of PF using Police and DEC to silence the opposition, Antonio is on record defending the police saying they have the right to swat any perceived wrong doing.
What then has changed for Mwanza to think his summoning is politically motivated against PF when it is the same officers who he was using before elections to summon other political party players.
More importantly for Mwanza to note and appreciate is actually the fact that he went home straight from questioning instead of sleeping in police cells the way his party government in power used to behave. He should actually thank UPND President Hakainde Hichilema for the stance taken on the rule of law.
Actually Antonio Mwanza should be the first person to know that anybody suspected to have questionable income or resources can be questioned by the institutions of power, if they suspect the proceeds to be from illicit dealings or transactions, period. So there is no referencing that should actually tag UPND as witch hunting as now being portrayed.
These are the same institutions that you said are operating independently during your reign, unless you actually were controlling these institutions as politicians, hence your thinking that UPND is doing the same?
And facing reality will do you good as Antonio Mwanza. It is not PF that was summoned but Antonio Mwanza as an individual, so stop playing to the gallery. Just lay your facts on the table, finito.
You are aware that to bring sanity in the police, DEC and ACC that you had robbed these institutions of, even Faith Musonda was summoned and gave her explanation and was let free after the questioning. Inga mwali nimwebo lulya, inga chali shani?
Finally, if your proceeds are clean, there is no need to raise your voice but just prove that you are worthy that much from your dealings. It is someone with illicit dealings and transactions who should have everything to worry and these are the crooks these institutions are looking for, hoping you are not among them.
So keep calm as things unfold.
Wisdom Muyunda

The Independent Observer

John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism