Another family of 3 hacked in Chingola

 Another family of 3 hacked in Chingola

Another family of three has been hacked in Chingola barely one day after a lone attacker hacked a family of three in Chingola south.

On May 31, 2021 alone naked attacker hacked three members of the same family in Chingola South Township.

This was what Chingola was exposed to last year, a number of people where hacked in a similar manner.

And today Chingola woke up to another shock as another family of three where attacked, a mother 38, was raped while her 14-year-old son and nine months old daughter suffered severe injuries and are battling for their lives.

The incident happened opposite Chingola Training Skills in Buteko crescent alone college Road around Town Centre in the early hours of today.

 The Independent Observer crew that rushed to the scene found that the family members where rushed to the hospital but managed to talk to eye witnesses.

Florence Chama one of the witnesses said that they rushed to the scene around 07:00hrs and found the victims before they were taken to the hospital.

Chama said the mother was in a bad state without any clothes and her son gasping for air

This has shocked the residents of Chingola who said that they are living in fear and have called for the relevant authorities to intervene before many lives are lost.

Donald Chaile said that the things that are happening are surprising because this is how the gassing incident started and up to now they are no answers.

Mr Chaire has appealed to the Government to come in and arrest the situation.

He said that people should not protest for government to intervene.

Mr Chaire said that the police should work hand in hand with the community to safeguards the lives of the people in the district.

According to the residents the attacker raped the woman who was with her three children in the house as the husband who is a security guard was working night shift.

And Copper belt Police Commissioner Elias Chushi has assured the residents of Chingola not to live in fear because the police will take action and arrest the suspect.

Mr Chushi has appealed to the residents to stay calm as the police carry out their investigations as this time the description of the suspect is known.

The victims are unconscious and two are scheduled to go to Kitwe Teaching Hospital for specialist treatment.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.