Amnesty to reinstate retired worked commended

 Amnesty to reinstate retired worked commended

The College of Bishops of the Christian Coalition has advised government to ignore individuals politicking the amnesty given to those retired in national interest based on unfair grounds.

The Coalition’s president Charles Mwape says that people politicking the decision are anti-government and should not be given any attention.

Professor Mwape said that the amnesty to re-instate those victimized by the PF is in line with the UPND’s campaign promises.

He said that people against the amnesty are enemies of progress, because most the people condemning the decision are political opponents.

Professor Mwape said that the decision is supported by the Christian Coalition and the Zambian citizens that mean well.

“For the first time in the Zambian history we saw experienced and gallant young and women retired on baseless grounds because they did not bow top the wimps of the former ruling party, everytwell-meaning Zambian should commend President Hichilema for granting those that wish to be reinstated chance to do so,” he said.