Amnesty International’s report on violation of rights true-GEARS

 Amnesty International’s report on violation of rights true-GEARS

GEARS Initiative Zambia Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi says that the findings of the Amnesty International’s Human rights violation report on Zambia are not deniable facts.

Mr Chipenzi said the report has not missed any reality to the obtaining realities ahead of the August General Election.

He said extra-judicial killings, intimidation, harassment and violence against the perceived anti-government voices and media using ruling party functionaries and state institutions characterized the environment ahead of the August General Election.

He said the killings of Lawrence Banda, Obedi Kasongo, Mapenzi Chibulo, Verspers Shimuzhila, Joseph Kaunda, Nsama Nsama among others are vividly there for PF and Mr Amos Malupenga to see before they deny the facts.

Mr Chipenzi said the denial of opposition to hold assemblies and campaigns on pretext of national security and public health while the ruling party organizes the similar meetings has been the conduct of the police towards the opposition.

“Suppressing of the media by the ECZ to carry out its work of informing and educating the masses ahead of the elections in districts It had suspended campaigns due to violence is a well-documented fact yet even in war zones, media has not been banned as was the case in Zambia.

The challenge, however, is that the PF regime and the ruling party are allergic to the truth, human rights and freedoms and try at any given time to wrap and hide the truth on the violations and breaches,” he said.

He said GEARS Initiative calls on Mr Malupenga and the PF to reflect on the Amnesty International report findings and make amends than denying and rubbishing facts contained therein.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.