Allow churches to worship in schools again-Prof Mwape

 Allow churches to worship in schools again-Prof Mwape

The college of bishops of the Christian coalition of Zambia has appealed to republican president Hakainde Hichilema to consider reopening churches that congruent in schools, colleges and universities.

The Coalition’s president Professor Charles Mwape says that it is unacceptable that in a Christian nation bars and night clubs are fully operational whereas only churches with church buildings are allowed to worship.

Professor Mwape said that it has been over a year since these churches last congregated, which is unfortunate as a Christian nation.

“We are hopeful that president Hichilema will direct the minister of Education to allow for these churches to resume their meetings, we cannot have bars and night clubs operating fully while some churches last congregated almost a year ago, and we call ourselves a Christian nation,” he said.

Professor Mwape said that president Hichilema will make the decision in favor of the churches.