Akafumba appoints new Central Committee Members

 Akafumba appoints new Central Committee Members

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) President Joseph Akafumba has made new appointments and announced the changes to the party’s Central Committee.

Mr Akafumba has appointed Albert Mulonga as Chairperson In charge of Agriculture to the NDC central committee.

Brian Chabu has also been promoted as NDC Chairperson In charge of elections and Thuli Shaba Timar as the deputy.

Mr Akafumba appointed Newton Chabala as NDC Chairperson In charge of mobilization and Sandra Pafilwa as the deputy who has been promoted to MCC.

Others who have been appointed as members of the central committee include John Kadyata and Mulumbika NDC Lusaka Provincial Chairman.

He made changes at central committee level, and appoints Agnes Phiri has as NDC Central province chairperson and Raymond Chabonda as MCC

For Western Province other Members of the Central Committee are Andrew Sokoni, Rose Munalula, Victor Kongolo, Nyambe Simasiki, and Bisenga Bisenga.

And Harry Silwamba Provincial Chairman Northern Province has been promoted to MCC.

Others elevated to MCC include Southern Province Clive Muulwa, Provincial Chairman Hang’andu Dennis, Provincial Secretary Costern Muzyamba, Provincial Treasure Emelda Himaambo, Chris Sanga and Loud Hanakuni.

For Copperbelt Bernadette Mpundu the NDC Provincial Chairlady Politics promoted to MCC, others are Charity Mwelwa Provincial IPS Women, Nancy Kachusha provincial Women Secretary and Arthur Msukwa .

After the appointments Mr Akafumba wished all the officials well in their new positions.


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