Africa is being led by inept dictators as Presidents

 Africa is being led by inept dictators as Presidents

Dear Editor,

Vernon Mwanga commonly known as VJ is spot on when he say Africa is now being led by inept and dictators for Presidents instead of visionary leaders.

This was his message on the backdrop of African Freedom Day that was commemorated on 25th May.

Indeed Africa has lost it and most countries have reduced its citizens into mare spectators and tools for political grandiose for the few, against the independence our fore fathers fought for.

Visionary leaders though available are afraid to the core to come out in the open and has therefore created room for leaders in offices for personal gain and not service to the people.

This is the more reason there are more political violence among most political players. What they are fighting for is not to serve the people but to steal from them and remain powerful and in power.

Sadly, such leaders have even created cartels with our former colonisers who are their major funders, making Africa recolonised indirectly.

Africa can stand on its own if only current leaders can come to their senses and realise the main reason our fore fathers had to shed blood for the independence from colonial masters.

Everything that is developing the entire world as in raw materials in from Africa, meaning Africa is self-sustaining if only leaders can be visionary and engage their citizens.

It is so that even technocrats are now queuing up for political jobs because that is where there is loose money, after being frustrated in civil service, not because they want to be of service to their nations.

Hope is however not lost because we still have some leaders that stand out for their countries and citizens amidst this indirect recolonisation.

Wisdom Muyunda


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John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism

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