Abolish NHIMA they offer ordinary services

 Abolish NHIMA they offer ordinary services

Development Activist Andrew Haakaloba has called for National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIMA) abolishment as they are offering ordinary services.

Mr Haakaloba said NHIMA provide services which should be provided for in any effective Public hospital where there is an effective Government.

He said the policy was established to create jobs for PF cadres and exploit a working few to fundraise money hence abolishing it.

Mr Haakaloba said any contribution should benefit the contributor unless it is Government tax.

He said NHIMA has just brought confusion, employees are now being taxed double.

“This is slavery from hard earned sweat poor or rich, working or not. Government has an obligation to offer good health services. The new dawn should abolish these exploitative institutions for the benefit of the people,” he said.

Mr Haakaloba said workers should enjoy their full sweat by enjoying every coin they get than forcing them to subscribe to a failed limited political scheme.

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