A businessman robbed in Mwinilunga by unknown persons

 A businessman robbed in Mwinilunga by unknown persons

By OBED LIJIMU in Mwinilunga
Three unknown people in  Mwinilunga of Northwestern province are being investigated for a case of aggravated robbery.

Police in Mwinilunga say the three people entered the house of a local businessman of Indian origin and walked away with cash amounting to K150, 000 and 16,000 US dollars respectively.

Northwestern province commissioner of police Joel Njase said the incident occurred on June 3rd, 2021 around 07:00 hours in Low density area.

Mr Njase said one of the victims Asif Iqbal Shekh 44 who is also the chief executive officer of SADAF enterprises reported the matter to police.

Mr Njase said that three masked males with one wearing a head sock entered Asif’s house through an unlocked door.

“The perpetrators entered the house through the unlocked door and ordered the occupants to give them money,” he said.

Mr Njase said the alleged robbers who were armed with two pistols and an unknown fire arm then ordered the occupants to give them money.

Mr Njase said the perpetrators allegedly tied Mr Asif together with other two occupants a female Safrina Asif 36 and a male juvenile Shaku Abdul 15, using shoe laces and placed them in one room.

“The perpetrators commanded the occupants to show them where the money was kept in the display cabinet in an unoccupied room which they took and went away with, the complainant sustained a cut on the lip and complained of general body pains as fists are alleged to have been used during the act,” he said.

Mr Njase said police have since visited the scene and found the drawers of the display cabinet open, shoe laces and ropes in two separate rooms while the gate was found unlocked and there was no sign of a break in.

“The gate was found unlocked, no signs of any breaking were observed hence intensive investigations have been instituted,” he said.

Meanwhile Mr Njase has cautioned members of the public against keeping large amounts of cash in homes stating that it is risky to the family and the surrounding communities.

He added that the habit equally has socio economic effects on the country such as inflation.

Mr Njase has also called for enhanced monitoring of financial transactions in the business environment.