9, 000 Chililabombwe farmers to benefit from FISP

 9, 000 Chililabombwe farmers to benefit from FISP

Chililabombwe District Acting District Agriculture Coordinator Kaubi Hacholi says 9, 016 farmers will benefit Farmer Inputs Support Program (FISP) in the district.

Mr Hacholi said so far 1, 223 had already deposited and ready to receive their inputs.

Speaking when Chililabombwe District Commission Roy Ngosa had visited the sheds where fertilizer is stored, Mr Hacholi most of the inputs are already in the district.

And Mr Ngosa urged the farmers under FISP not to sale their inputs.

He said the inputs should be used for the intended purpose and not to be sold.

Mr Ngosa said FISP is meant to help farmers get out of poverty through cultivation of various crops.

He was optimistic that the district will record a bumper harvest in the 2020/2021 farming season as the inputs are ready only waiting for farmers to pay.

“The FISP consignment that the district is expecting will sustain a lot of farmers. The district is expected to receive 36, 048 x 50 bags of D compound and 28, 548 x 50 of urea fertilizer.

“So far the district has received 10, 200 x 50 bags of D compound and 7, 800 x 50 of urea. The other consignment is available from source but we just don’t have sufficient storage facility. As such the consignments will be coming in daily,” he said.

Mr Ngosa expressed gratitude towards Government for ensuring that farmers receive inputs on time.


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