800 traffic police officers redeployed to general duties

 800 traffic police officers redeployed to general duties

A traffic police inspects a safety belt on a passenger during an ongoing matatu crackdown in Nyeri on September 13, 2011. The exercise entered the third day and has seen many matatu operators withdraw their vehicles from the roads. Many residents have turned to walking to their work places or paying double fare to the operating matatus. Photo/ JOSEPH KANYI

Zambia Police Command has redeployed 800 traffic police officers to general duties in an effort to curb the perceived corruption in the department.

On November 2, this year, the Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo directed the police command to implement regular rotation and transfer of officers from general duties to the traffic section and vice versa.

Mr Kampyongo said the move would avoid a situation where officers overstay in one position.

See the list of names, Divisions and man numbers below.

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