8 COMESA States Ratify Tripartite FTA

 8 COMESA States Ratify Tripartite FTA

Eight countries out of 14 COMESA member states have ratified the Tripartite Free Trade Agreement -TFTA.
Chairperson of the Tripartite Task force Chileshe Kapwepwe says after five years of negotiations the Tripartite agreement is now ready  for implementation as only Six countries are yet to ratify the agreement.
Ms Kapwepwe,  who is also COMESA Secretary General, says the ratification of the agreement will enable member states to enhance intra continental trade and address the challenges affecting the region.
She was speaking when she received the instruments of the Tripartite a Agreement from Namibian High Commissioner Zambia Siyave Haindongo.
Ms Kapwepwe also commended the Namibian government for ratifying the agreement .
And Mr Haindongo said he is happy to present the documents, signed on January 20,  2020.
He said Namibia will fully support the objectives of the Agreement.

Alice Nachilembe


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