74 learning institutions connected to fibre internet

 74 learning institutions connected to fibre internet

Seventy four (74) learning institutions have been connected to fibre internet by government through Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), this will enable 30,000 students across the country to benefit from fast internet.

Among the schools which have benefited in Eastern Province are Ukwimi Trades Training Institute in Petauke District and Mpangwe Primary School in Katete District.

ZICTA Board Chairperson Frighton Sichone said there is need to increase the number of schools connected to internet service especially that they are using e-learning due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Sichone said he was impressed that the initiative has benefit several students and teachers to work smart using optic fiber network.

And, Zicta universal Access and Service Fund Manager Collins Chomba added the authority is considering partnering with some higher learning institutions to train teachers that will be helping with the ICT subject in schools.

And Petauke District Commissioner Velenasi Moyo thanked Zicta for connecting fibre network to schools in Petauke.

“Internet services have made it easy for the students to conduct their research without problems, that is why every student has to have access to fast internet,” she said.