7 sports you didn’t know are popular in Zambia

 7 sports you didn’t know are popular in Zambia

In Zambia, soccer is the most popular game and for a good reason. The country’s national soccer team claimed the victory in the Africa Cup of Nations and their Under-20 national soccer squad claimed the African Nations Cup in 2012.

Nonetheless, there are lots of other sports that Zambian citizens follow and love playing. Here are seven surprising sports you might not have known are popular in Zambia.


According to CNN, Zambia is home to over 10,000 registered rugby players, with 1600 being men, 8,400 youths and 200 women. The country also has 16 professional rugby clubs spread across the country, which are twice as many as they were in 1996.

In 2016, the country’s Rugby Sevens team was launched featuring semi-pro players, and they ranked fourth in the Africa Sevens Cup. Their performance earned them a spot at the commonwealth games played in February 2018, though they lost their opening game to rugby powerhouse, new Zealand.

Motor Rally

Besides being among the best games to bet on Betway, motor rallies are a personal favourite for many Zambians. The country has hosted motor rallies since the late 1960s, organized by the country’s motorsports association.

Every year, the Zambia International Motor rally happens in the streets of Lusaka, with competitive races happening in Chisamba. The Zambian racer Satwant Singh has won the rally for 14 times, and he’s also an African Rally champion for eight times. Even better, Betway Zambia betting has attracted more attention to the sport as people can wager on different rallies worldwide.


Though polocrosse is relatively new in the country, Zambia’s national team crashed the world champions, South Africa during their opening match during the 2015 world cup.

The team subsequently won a silver medal in the competition, and the country developed several polocrosse teams since then. Additionally, several tournaments like the ZANACO Polocrosse Tournament are staged in Lusaka for the sport’s lovers to attend.


While golf came to Zambia through the British colonialists who established the first golfing club in 1907 in Livingstone, other clubs continued forming since 1912. Golf tournaments in the country have been staged since 1954, with current tournaments including the ZANACO Masters, Zambia Open and Zambia Open Ladies’ tournament.


After soccer, boxing is arguably Zambia’s second most popular sport. The country is home to legendary boxers like Keith Mwila, a renowned fighter who won bronze during the 1984 Olympics in the flyweight boxing category. Lottie Mwale is also a known Zambian fighter, popular for bringing home a gold medal in the light heavyweight category during the 1974 commonwealth games.

Mountain Biking

A large part of Zambia’s landscape is covered by a plateau, making it a great environment for biking. The country hosts thousands of amateur riders who have formed groups such as the Solwezi Cycling Group and the Twin Palm Bike Club.


Following the launch of the OYDC (Olympic Youth Development Center), lots of young people now have the opportunity to sharpen their skills and become pro swimmers. There are multiple amateur teams in the country, and several swimmers like Ellen Hight and Leonard Ngoma have represented the country at the Olympics.

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