6 points: Degree in medicine syndrome paralysing creativity

 6 points: Degree in medicine syndrome paralysing creativity

By Mwilah Chriseddy Bwanga Jr
High School and the whole system of education intends to create a world where some pupils think they belong to a lower rank than others.

We create a competitive system that sucks out the creative element in young people, they become so glued to a programmed system they cannot think outside the boarders of a classroom.

We do not have an education system that taps into our potential and talents, it makes us think lowly of our ability to sing, write, engage in sport, art, or dance.

I believe one’s ability to execute what they have within is just as important as math and sciences.

Young people are driving themselves into a path that is isolate from who they are. Just because you get 6 points does not mean you have to be an engineer or a doctor, if deep within your heart you know that is not who you are.

Such a system we create intends to marginalize a certain sect of pupils that get low grades and think they can only be teachers, as if there is anything wrong with such a profession.

Your level of intelligence is not determined by your grade on a paper, shape your creativity and mold your skill. Do not forsake your inner ability, cherish it as you do your math and sciences.

I believe every person is smart in their own sect, Christiano Ronaldo is smart with his foot, LeBron James is smart with his hands and swift feet, Celine Dion is smart with her voice, Trevor Noah is smart with his jokes, and the list goes on.

Let us create a society where young people can make it regardless their potential and skill and not only a selected category.

We all have potential, however, we have to appreciate the diversity in our potential.


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