Vandals burn MWSC HDPE pipe in Nchanga North


Unknown criminals have vandalized a 12” HDPE Mulonga pipe in Nchanga North, which has resulted in no water supply in some parts of Kamba, SQ and R.

Speaking when he visited the vandalized pipeline, Mulonga Water Supply and Sanitation Communications Manager Bright Mtonga said that the same stretch has been targeted a number of times, which is proving to be a disturbance for both the company and the customers.

Mr Mtonga said MWSC is losing huge sums of money replacing and repairing the same vandalized pipes, as opposed to moving forward and working on other projects.

“The aim was to steal the metal connectors as the pipe is HDPE which is basically plastic, we want to appeal to stakeholders to report such incidents on time, because the company is losing both finances and treated raw water,” he said.

Mr Mtonga said that the water supply in the affected areas will take up to two days to be stablised because of the vandalism that was committed which is inconveniencing.

“We have an MoU with the police that will help these culprits brought to justice, we call upon stakeholders to come on board and help us fight stop this vice,” he said.

And Nchanga ward councilor Jones Siluyele said it is saddening that the vandals have continued to steal and ruin water pipes. Mr Siluyele said that the vandalism happened during the day, but was not reported to the relevant authorities.

He has since called on residents in his ward to be alert, so that shortage of water in the ward is curbed.

“Let us use the same zeal we use when there is interruption of water supply, we can not let such happening to continue in our ward in broad day, the water utility company is losing huge sums of money,” he said.