Relatives demand justice for theater death

Relatives of the late Christin Nkonde aged 39 who died while giving birth are demanding answers from Solwezi General Hospital and provincial health office on what the cause of death was.

Last week Friday June, 10, 2022 the said Christin Nkonde allegedly died in theater when she was taken to give birth

And, speaking during a meeting with North-Western Province Permanent Secretary, Family representative Mayton Mpongo said the family is not clear on what caused the death of Ms Nkonde in the theater.

Mr Mpongo said that the family has a bread winner whose death could not left without knowing the actual cause truth of death.

“We want to establish the cause of death of our daughter and her baby because they were brought to the hospital alive,” she said.

The family has alsoasked the government through provincial administration to help lessen the burden of funeral cost and help in conducting a postmortem so the true cause of death can be known

And Provincial Health Director Dr Tambatamba said there was no communication between the family of the diseased and the health management.

Dr Tambatamba also said that the pregnancy was over the delivery period by one month one week and during delivery the placenta burst and blood which caused hemorrhage.

The Health Board has since apologized for the loss of Ms Nkonde and her baby

And North Western Province Permanent Secretary Glandson Kayambi acknowledged that there was some negligence during the process by health personal at the facility.

He has urged the bereaved family to work with government until the burial is done, Mr Kayambi also promised pledged government’s support during the trying time

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.