5 Most Popular Sports Played in Africa

 5 Most Popular Sports Played in Africa

By Sports Writer
Sports in Africa traces from far behind in history, and the passion for sports still remains intact in recent times. The continent is immensely popular for playing sports reflecting utmost love for several games.

It is one of those few places that have been enthusiastic about more than two or three sports. After releasing a ban for multiple decades due to apartheid, the continent’s zeal for sports has brought pride for the continent all around the world. It is becoming the strongest pillar for vibrant sporting that expands in various disciplines.

The continent widely respects sport as it resorts to all cultural differences and brings social affiliation. Africa now enjoys similar opportunities to other places to host high-profile sporting events across the globe, and this puts Africa on the map of intercontinental sports. Some eminent African sports players have increased the continent’s profile by succeeding in several sports disciplines and are becoming global sports personalities.

Some Immensely Popular Sports in Africa

There is no doubt that Africa has players who show interest in varieties of sports. However, certain sports in the continent are quite famous and vastly played by the people. Here are some well-liked sports played in Africa.

  1. Football:

Soccer or Football is hands down one of the most accepted games played in Africa. It is an exciting game with history backing from the early 1800s when the colonization of British, Portuguese, and French introduce the sport to the continent. Unlike other sports, soccer requires extremely minimum resources due to which has penetrated every single part of Africa. These days, it is common to see youngsters playing football in the continent, even in the rural areas.

Even though the continent fell victim to segregation for several years, it again stood back to an excellent position at the intercontinental level. Premier soccer leagues are the major sources for continent pride and pull a huge crowd.

  1. Rugby:

Africa has more than 430,000 registered rugby players, which makes it one of the liked games in the continent. It has always remained an integral part of the continent for many decades. In 1995, South Africa hosted its first-ever intercontinental sporting event, and the team has shown its excellent potential throughout the tournament. The picture of Nelson Mandela giving the Webb Ellis Cup to the rugby captain Francois Pienaar is still remembered as one of the iconic moments in sports history.

  1. Cycling:

The sport of cycling is getting more and more popular in Africa, and the continent is hosting the two largest bike races at individual times in the world. The continent has also gained a fair amount of success in this sport on the intercontinental level. Every year the eminent players try to improve the cycling rankings of the continent.

  1. Cricket:

In the year 2012, the African cricket team became the first team that ranked first in all three formats (T20, ODI, Test) of cricket. Africa in the earlier times lost its halo and had a major setback in the year 2000. However, in recent times, the gentleman’s sport has achieved huge popularity among youngsters in Africa.

  1. Golf:

The landscape of the continent makes it best for playing golf. As a result, the sport is considered the most successful individual sport in Africa. By far, the continent has the best golf courses, which interest many sports enthusiasts in the continent. The golf power grew rapidly when in between 1950 and 1960, South African player Bobby Locke won the British golf open four times in just nine years. After that, many players also contributed to raising the reputation of the continent in the sport.

The continent’s people also love to view and read about the latest updated news about sports. Be it any cricket tournament or rugby match, everyone becomes keen to learn about the updates. For more information about the latest updates, visit relevant articles on the topic.

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Sports in Africa has a special place in the heart of the people living there. The interest in a variety of sports showcases the sporting enthusiasm in the continent. Moreover, the continent has maximum potential for growing more in the field of sports in the further times.

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