UPND Alliance Felix Mutati says that Zambians have made their decision.

Mr Mutati said that they have had enough of unemployment, rising food prices and endless corruption scandals.

He said they have voted for change in large numbers and soon they will have a government that can turn things around and move the country forward.

Mr Mutati has reassured citizens that their vote is safe and encouraged the ECZ to announce incoming results as transparently and quickly as possible.

He said the UPND Alliance is keen to get to work serving the Zambian people as soon as possible.

Mr Mutati said that while as the people wait for the ECZ to declare official results coming in from the Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT) efforts in Northern Province, which has recorded a high turnout and strong support for the UPND.

He said the information from party agents shows that voters have wholeheartedly rejected cheap and divisive tribal politics.

Mr Mutati said has thanked the voters for putting their trust in the alliance.

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