4 Teachers, Nurse, 9 other nabbed trying to sell an albino

 4 Teachers, Nurse, 9 other nabbed trying to sell an albino

Police in Mongu thwarted a ploy and arrested 12 suspects who attempted to sell a-17-year-old boy a student of Sefula Combined School for the Blind who is living with Albinism.

Police intercepted the ‘operation’ and arrested the 12 suspects who include four teachers including a School matron aged 53, a Nurse aged 33, a taxi driver and two men who work in a barbershop in Sefula, Mongu District.

Police Deputy Spokesperson Danny Mwale said police recovered some medicine which were labeled as ‘Diazepam’ which after interrogations, it was heard from the suspects that the medicine was intended to be given to the victim once he was captured.

Mr Mwale said police also recovered 12 cellular phones which were used for communication by the suspects.

“Investigations revealed that a plot to traffic a named Albino who is a learner at Sefula combined school for the Blind in Mongu District of Western Province started in October 2022 and a picture of the victim was sent to the purported buyers in Lusaka.

The suspects were all picked on February 4, 2022 between 01:00 hours and 04:00 hours in Sefula, Mongu District,” he said.

Investigations have heightened and all the suspects are detained in Police custody.