4 Chingola illegal land allocators cornered

 4 Chingola illegal land allocators cornered

By Staff Writer
Police in Chingola have arrested four people allegedly giving out land illegally in Gymkhana area.

Recently Chingola Municipal Council was given 1, 020 hectares of land in Luano Forest reserve following the degazzation.

This is the land which the four have been promising to give out to gullible residents.

The quartet is Harrison Mwansa 65, Banda Asafu 47, Henry Fube 72, and Musunga Alias Jeff 67, all of Luano Forest off Chingola-Kitwe road in Chingola.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said the four were arrested yesterday for the offences of obtaining money by false pretenses which occurred between June and July, 2020, in Chingola at unknown date and time.

Ms Katanga said the four whilst acting together with intent to defraud did obtain different amounts  of  monies  from a list of 248 persons on pretense that they had genuinely high cost residential plots allocated in Luano Forest Reserve area in Chingola when in fact not.

“Out of 248 victims only 7 officially reported on September 14, 2020, at Chingola Central Police station that their monies amounting to K25, 430 was obtained by false pretenses,” she said.

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