4 carcasses of cattle seized in Kabwe

 4 carcasses of cattle seized in Kabwe

The Department of Veterinary in Kabwe, Central province, has seized 4 carcasses of cattle, which were being transported in violation of the Animal Health Act.

The carcasses were found on two different trucks during a routine operation.

Kabwe District Veterinary Officer, Kenneth Chawinga said the trucks, which were coming from Chisamba enroute to Kabwe, were intercepted on Mulungushi road, near Kamakuti clinic.

Dr Chawinga said that there is currently a restriction on the movement of cattle and related products in the region, due to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease (FMD).

He said Government has released a lot of money to control FMD and to supplement the efforts; the veterinary department has been conducting vaccination exercises and mounting random check points.

Meanwhile, one of the owners of the carcasses, Mathews Kambonje has acknowledged the need to acquire certification for the movement of cattle.