38 mobile money booths relocated

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Solwezi Municipal Council has relocated 38 mobile booths.

These are short, medium and long term measures in aimed at safeguarding the lives of the people in the district.

Solwezi Municipal Council Assistant Public Relations Manager Esther Chirwa said 38 mobile money booths in the Central Business District had been relocated to more convenient places in a bid to curb the possibility of Coronavirus outbreak due to over population of the booths and patrons.

Ms Chirwa said on Thursday night March 26, 2020, a joint team of Solwezi Municipal Council officers from Building Inspectorate section, Council Police and Zambia Police Officers swung into action and relocated the mobile money booths at Kapiji mall junction to three different locations.

She said 13 had been placed at the Freedom square, 12 at the Old Total Filling Station whereas 10 have been placed opposite Coppers Corner.

“The remaining three which are substandard were taken for disposal. The Local Authority is mandated to regulate where booths should be sited to ensure that their placement is not a nuisance to the general public. The booth siting and relocation program is ongoing.

“The local authority is committed to ensuring that all means to contain any possible outbreak of the COVID-19 is mitigated. However, this calls for the business community and the general public to support the local authority as it implements the measures that government has put in place,” she said.

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