Chingola DC gives out maize bran to 40 women

 Chingola DC gives out maize bran to 40 women

Chingola District Commissioner Agnes Tonga has given out maize bran to 40 women in the district who are in the business of chicken rearing.

This is in an initiative to enhance their businesses.

Ms Tonga said the maize bran will help to boost their business.

She said looking at the economy of the town small, businesses are struggling to surviving, hence her office decided to help individual women who most of the time do not benefit from empowerment programs.

She said she’s always full of concern for these women who need help in any way to sustain themselves.

Ms Tonga said that the women need support so that they can continue with their businesses and feed their families from the profit realize.

“The backyard chicken rearing business will take a long way in improving their livelihood and those of the families that they are keeping,” she said.

And speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries Edina Kangwa expressed gratitude towards the government’s gesture to uplift people’s businesses and the tools they employ at eliminating poverty at household level.

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