Smugglers conceal mealie meal in bags of cement

 Smugglers conceal mealie meal in bags of cement

Police in Kafulafuta on the Copperbelt have unearthed a scum in which smugglers are concealing bags of mealie meal in empty 90 kg cement sacks in readiness for smuggling into the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Copperbelt Police Commissioner, Elias Chushi says one truck laden with cement was found with 50 by 90 kg sacks each containing 5 by 25 kg bags of mealie meal.

Mr Chushi said three trucks were impounded this morning around 05 hours where each truck was laden with cement, but one truck had concealed mealie meal destined for the DRC.

He said after checking thoroughly, it was discovered that 285 by 25 kilogramme bags of mealie meal were concealed in 90 kg empty sacks.

He said upon being interrogated, the drivers revealed that the trucks were destined for the DRC.

The police commissioner said police in Masaiti has detained the alleged owner of the mealie meal. (ZANIS).

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