Don’t loiter after school-Chingola Mayor

Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo has urged pupils that have opened schools to go straight home and not to loiter around when they knock off from school.

Mr Tembo said that the pupils may be taking risk as they may not be aware of the friend’s status or the safety of the environment.

He also urged teachers to ensure pupils go straight home after school.

Mr Tembo said that the duty of the teacher is to provide a conducive environment for pupils to learn.

He said Teachers have a key role to play in ensuring that the pupils are secure.

The Mayor was speaking at Luano Combined school when he was called upon to check on the compliance levels of the school.

The school is the only one in the area and it has a number of challenges among them was pupils failing to manage a face mask.

Mr Tembo donated some buckets and face masks to meet the challenges of needy pupils.

And Luano Combine school Head Teacher Boniface Mutawa said that people in the area where the school is located are vulnerable not every child was able to acquire the face mask.

Mr Mutawa said despite the challenges the turnout has been good from all pupils in examination classes.

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