2021 General elections should be people centered, issue based-GPZ

 2021 General elections should be people centered, issue based-GPZ

Golden Party of Zambia president Jackson Silavwe says the 2021 general election should be people centered and issue based devoid of insults and violence.

Mr Silavwe has urged political parties and all the aspiring candidates at Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government from the ruling and opposition to have campaign messages that are people centered and issue based devoid of insults, tribalism and violence.

He said the country is faced with so many challenges currently such as lack of jobs, high cost of living and doing business, unsustainable public debt, wasteful expenditure, escalating levels of corruption, legal, institutional and governance reforms, and climate change.

Mr Silavwe said the people of Zambia have an opportunity to choose leaders that will be able to restore the Economy, and transform the lives of the Zambian for the better.

He said political parties must be people centered in their plans in order to be voted on merit.

Mr Silavwe said the essence of Democracy is to allow for those with sound ideas to lead there is no real reason for Politicians to become enemies because all want a better Zambia regardless of different political ideologies.

He said Political violence will only rob us of the little progress achieved, It will not add any value to the Unity, Peace and harmony that Zambia is known for.

“Let it be everyone’s responsibility to uphold, protect and promote peace and order for national socio-economic development,” he said.

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