2 Tokota boys claim being away during faeces fresco

 2 Tokota boys claim being away during faeces fresco

Two members of the Tokota gang have told Kitwe High Court that they didn’t take part in beating and forcing Cuthbeck Nkonde to eat his faeces.

This in a matter in which 18 members of  Tokota Boys are charged with three counts contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offense are that on April 31, 2018, the 18 jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown with intent to harm, injure or disfigure did cause bodily harm to Cuthbert Nkonde.

In count two facts before the court are that the 18 are charged with unlawful wounding and poisoning contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

In the third count, the 18 are charged for allegedly abducting or kidnapping a 16-year old boy contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Appearing before judge in charge Timothy Katenekwa was accused Limbikani Phiri who testified that on the material day he never participated in beating the 17-year old or forced him to eat his faeces.

He said on the material day he had gone to collect sacks as directed by Mwamba Siame popularly known as May Weather.

In his defence, Phiri narrated that the evidence produced in court was contrary to what had transpired that day.

He told a fully packed room that witnesses that were called by the state including the Police officers lied.

He said the time of the incident, he and his colleague Peter Kasongo had gone to collect sacks to pack in low grade copper and malachite.

Meanwhile the second accused 15-year boy  narrated that on April 29, 2018, he was with Peter Kasongo and Shadreck at the market  where they met Limbikani Phiri and asked him why he didn’t show up for football practice the previous day.

The Juvenile narrated that limbikani, Shadreck, Peter and himself then left for Ndeke Changa Changa where they found Cuthbeck preparing nshima for other members.

Chomba then came out of the house and approached them and later introduced them to Mwamba Siame and informed him that they were interested to join them.

He said when they reached Mindolo North, he Limbikani and Shadreck were told to go and get sacks.

He said he saw Cuthbeck, Limbikani, Shadreck and Peter leaving the scene and when they came back there was only Limbikani, Peter and Shadreck.

After some time Chomba a close associate to Mwamba started asking about Cuthbeck and Limbikani told him that he had gone to relive himself in the bush.

He told the court the he didn’t take part in the beating of Cuthbeck as he only got to know about it when he saw a video circulating on social media.

The juvenile narrated that most of evidence present was not what exactly happened but was manipulated by the police.

He narrated that when they came back from collecting the sacks they found Cuthbeck seated on a rock who later informed Limbikani that Mwamba had beaten him up badly.

The matter continues this afternoon at 14:00hrs with the state expected to present six witnesses.

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