18 wards endorse Matthew Nkhuwa as sole parley candidate

 18 wards endorse Matthew Nkhuwa as sole parley candidate

By Staff Writer
The 18 wards of Chingola Constituency under the PF structures have endorsed incumbent Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa as their sole parliamentary candidate for the upcoming 2021 general elections. 

Speaking today at a meeting for the ward officials held at Chikola Secondary School, Chingola Constituency PF Chairperson Francis Chileshe said Mr Nkhuwa has delivered development in the Constituency.

Mr Chileshe said the wards and the constituency PF executive had decided to rally behind the candidature of Mr Nkhuwa.

He said the party at national level has endorsed President Edgar Lungu as a sole presidential candidate for the ruling PF, meaning that Chingola Constituency only needs Councillors.

Mr Chileshe indicated that for the position of Councillors will be chosen by the people and his executive will dopt whoever the wards and grassroots want.

“Nobody should boast of having connection for adoption because the only connection which will work is being on the ground with the grassroots,” he said.

He advised members to stay away from the habit of complaining and discrediting the leaders of the party on social media.

“Let us work as one entity with one goal of winning the election. We must ensure the new ward which is Kamuchanga is well supported so that we scoop all the 18 wards.

And Mr Nkhuwa implored the wards to embrace peace and unity in order to make the party attractive.

“When I saw the advert from our party for those wishing to contest, I travelled to come and submit my application to the constituency. I wish to make it clear I have not yet been adopted but I have declared my interest to contest the Chingola Constituency parliamentary seat.

“I have also been approached by some aspiring Councillors and Mayors that I help them with adoption. I must mention that am not in any structures of the party and also I’m waiting for my adoption,” he said.

He advised the Francis Chileshe Chingola Constituency led executive to listen to the people and choose popular candidates who are easy to sell to the people.

Mr Nkhuwa also advised aspiring candidates that once they are not adopted they should not leave the party or stand as independent candidates.

He said the former Chingola MP, Dr Joseph Katema remains a best example in politics.

“He was not adopted but when I was adopted, he campaigned with me the entire period and today Dr Katema was appointed by our President as the Zambian Ambassador to Italy,” he said.


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