13 year old girl arrested for abortion

By Staff Writer
A 13-year-old grade six pupil has been arrested after she aborted her three-months-old pregnancy using a herb called ‘Palibe Kantu’.

Muchinga Province Deputy Commanding officer Lucky Munkondya said police in Isoka received a report of illegal abortion which occurred on Wednesday.

Ms Munkondya said in the early hours of Wednesday, the juvenile started bleeding heavily which prompted her parents to take her to the hospital.

“Brief facts are that, on an unknown date ,but in the month of July, 2022 the suspect juvenile missed her second monthly period after she had her first monthly period in the month of June, 2022. In her case she did not mind because of her tender age, neither did she inform any relative about it. On Tuesday, this year, she decided to disclose to one of her friends.”

“The said friend gave her traditional medicine known to her as ‘’palibe kantu’’ with instructions on how to take it. She did as instructed. Later the same medicine reacted and caused her to look sick a situation that alarmed the mother who asked her what was wrong. The juvenile suspect indicated to her mother that she had headache and fever,” she said.

She said at the hospital, authorities noticed that she had aborted the pregnancy of three months and that she used tradition medicine.

Ms Munkondya said when interviewed, the juvenile disclosed that she had carnal knowledge with a juvenile boy aged 17 a resident of Nakonde when she visited her relatives in the same month of July, 2022.

“Later the Matter was reported at Isoka Police Station. Acting on the report, officers followed up the matter at Isoka District Hospital where the suspect is currently admitted and issued her with a medical report to facilitate examination and treatment,” she said.

She also said that a docket of the case has been opened and an arrest made.

Ms Munkondya said that a manhunt has been launched for the friend who gave her the herbs she had used to abort.