12 hours of load shedding for 6 days-Nkhuwa

 12 hours of load shedding for 6 days-Nkhuwa

Energy Minister Mathew Nkhuwa says Zesco will effective a country wide 12 hours load shedding to facilitate the filling of the new Dam at Kafue Gorge Lower.

Mr Nkhuwa said the 12 hours load shedding which starts on November 8, 2020, is great news to Zambians because the filling of the dam is the stitching process meant to reduce and finally end load shedding.

The Minister said during the period of dam filling, there will be the restriction of generation of power at the Kafue Gorge Upper station to facilitate for the new Dam filing at Kafue Gorge Lower.

He said that the activities to fill the new dam will result into Zesco generating 100 megawatts of power on Monday.

“The first 24 hours Kafue Gorge upper will scale down from 750 MW to 100 mw and there after rump up to 500mw for 6 days and thereafter back to 750mw .The load shedding will be for 12 hours per day for all the customers,” he said.

In a ministerial statement to Parliament, Mr Nkhuwa said the activities are expected to last for at least seven days.

He said once the new Dam is successfully filled, the first two power generation units at Kafue Gorge Lower power station will be commissioned.

He said each unit will produce 150 megawatts.

The Minister said the first unit is expected to be commissioned at the end of November while the other one will be by end of December 2020.

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