108 Lufwanyama village heads rally behind Don Mungulube

Don Mungulube


By Chola Mailoni
Over 108 Village heads have thrown their weight behind Don Mungulube as their sole Lufwanyama parliamentary candidate.

The village heads say their push for Mr Mungulube is because they want to see development of the rural based constituency.

They were speaking after Lufwanyama parliamentary PF aspiring candidate Don Mungulube had held a successful meeting with them in Chieftaness Shimunkunani Chiefdom.

Chipako Section village head David Tembo said time has come for the people of Lufwanyama to vote for a credible parliamentary candidate.

Mr Tembo said tribal voting has not helped the people of Lufwanyama thereby leaving the constituency un developed.

He denounced tribalism saying the people of Lufwanyama will not vote based on tribe this time around.

“President Edgar Lungu has demonstrated by taking development everywhere for the betterment of humanity to promote one Zambia,  one nation ,we will definitely vote based on capability of an individual and its party manifesto and not tribal lines which has the potential to divide the country,” he said.

“We will support President Lungu and we will also stand by your side Mr Mungulube as our as MP for Lufwanyama,” he said.

Another village head of Kapilamikwa Section Ronald Kumyunga emphasized on the need to respect and honor traditions and customs of the land because a country without culture is a dead one.


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