10,241GBV cases during 2022 fourth quarter

 10,241GBV cases during 2022 fourth quarter

Police recorded 10,241cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) countrywide during the fourth quarter of 2022.

And Police recorded 690 cases of GBV countrywide during the 16 days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence in 2022.

During the same period in 2021, Police recorded 7,920 cases showing an increase by 2,321GBV cases.

Out of the 10,241 cases recorded, 7,664 were criminal cases while 2,577 were non-criminal cases.

The 2022 fourth quarter GBV disaggregated data indicate that 2,258 child victims were abused countrywide. Out of the 2,258 children, 1,636 were girls while 622 were boys.

During the same period, 6,013 women and 1,970 men were abused countrywide.  In terms of gender vulnerability, 7,649 women and girls and 2,592 men and boys were abused during the period under review countrywide.

The cases of violence in the criminal data category, the highest reports recorded were under Physical Violence with 4,260 Physical abuse cases while 1,154 and 526 cases were recorded as Economic and Emotional abuse offences respectively.

In the criminal case category in terms of prevalence, Lusaka Province recorded the highest GBV cases totaling to 1,884 followed by Copperbelt Province with 948, Northern Province recorded 777 cases, Western Province had 722 cases, and Central Province recorded 720 cases while Eastern Province had 657 cases.

652 cases were reported in Luapula Province while North-Western

Province recorded 502 cases. Southern Province had 431cases and Muchinga Province recorded 371 cases.

During the period under review, 8,544 victims and offenders were counseled in Police Stations and Posts countrywide.

5,907 were in the criminal case category comprising 3,622 victims and 2,285 offenders while 2,637 were in the non- criminal case category comprising of 1,703 victims and 934 offenders. Out of the 3,622 victims counseled in the criminal case category, 2,110 were women, 627 were men   and 625 were girls while 260 were boys.  Out of the 2,285 offenders, 1,283 were women, 469 men and 347 girls while 186 were boys.

And 690 cases were recorded countrywide during the 2022 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence compared to 793 cases of GBV recorded during the same period in  2021 showing a decrease by 103 cases.


16 Days of Activism Disaggregated Data during the period under review indicates that 77 men reported GBV cases while 409 cases were reported by women. 48 cases affected boys while 156 cases affected girls. In terms of psycho-social support, 97offenders and 165 victims were counseled during the 16 Days of Gender Activism. In 2021, GBV Disaggregated Data collected during the 16 Days of Activism shows that 81 were men while 517 were women. 44 victims were boys and 151 victims were girls.
Danny Mwale
Deputy Police Spokesperson

Alice Nachilembe


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