100 truckers face dismissal at Hauloads in Chingola

 100 truckers face dismissal at Hauloads in Chingola

Hauloads Zambia a freight and logistics company based in Chingola has issued it’s fleet of over 100 international cross border drivers with a dismissal statement.

This comes after staff complaints about non honoring of the statutory instrument 106 that was passed into laws on Dec.18.

The employees who spoke on condition of anonymity told The Independent Observer  that the company has not paid it’s international drivers the $25 per night allowance since it’s effect.

Additionally, the company sends drivers from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to Mozambique with no money for food reasons being that it pays a driver K1, 900 at the end of month for food on trips.

Drivers are wondering how that amount can be split into two or three trips that a driver undertakes in a month where he’s made to stay for two weeks to a month in DRC before loading.

That amount is added to a salary of K3000 as basic.

“The drivers decided to park trucks after management failure to answer to the plight of the drivers.

“The company has since asked drivers wherever they are to hand over key’s to a nearest police station and be considered fired.
Drivers are now saying batter system is the way out. If they can be paid the government approved 25$ owed to them in arrears, on exchange with the key’s, they’re ready to let go.

“The company has it that SI 106 is not law enforced. There are letters written by management to drivers via human resource. Driver a have now decided to seek media interventions so that government can know of their mistreatment by employers who are not giving them what is rightfully theirs.

And Hauloads Zambia General Manager Lenny Savopoulos when contacted by this Journalist, he said he preferred not to offer a comment on the matter.

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