10 boreholes sunk in Lufwanyama

 10 boreholes sunk in Lufwanyama

Lufwanyama Council Chairperson Moses Chiyuka says the sinking of 10 boreholes in the district will end water blues.

Mr Chiyuka said eight boreholes of the 10 have been sunk under Water Improvement Project, the project of the Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation.

He said boreholes are a guarantee that the people can access safe clean drinking water compared to the water they fetch from shallow wells.

“We are grateful that we have some boreholes coming but Lufwanyama is vast and needs more of such initiative to carter the growing population,” he said.

And residents in Lufwanyama are happy that the community would now afford to drink clean water following the sinking of 10 boreholes in selected wards by government to improve water supply system.

Henry Chilombo one of the resident said the rural communities used to fetch water from unprotected water sources such as shallow wells where they used to drink together with domestic animals.

Alice Nachilembe


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